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Redefining the way people access fair
credit solutions


Delivering constructive credit
to consumers with advanced
AI driven technology

BrainFinance is a fintech company based in Montreal. Our team combines finance experts, data geeks, mathematicians, computer scientists, and software engineers, all working together to help Canadians access fair credit solutions.
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Focused on helping
underserved customers

We’ve built an ecosystem to deliver innovative, adaptive financial products for the underserved that are convenient, straightforward, and transparent. We offer our services online and through mobile apps. Always with a personalized human touch.
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900k Customers

BrainFinance is proud to have helped over 900K Canadians


In funding

With every loan, we further establish ourselves as a leading lender


Registered Customers

Our team is always available to answer and aid customers



Our customers know they can get their funds quickly and safely

How we do it

We’re more than just a fintech company. Using advanced AI, we create products that are both sophisticated and easy to use. Our platform ensures each customer can feel secure and confident about their financial future.
We make it easy for customers to stay on top of their finances with our flexible repayment options. Ultimately, we operate with one goal in mind - to ensure fair credit is available for every Canadian.
Flexible CMS
Digital Onboarding
Simple editing tools
Speed, scale, and security
AI Underwriting
Easy edits and publishing
A complete platform
Risk management
Export code for download
Payment management

Innovative Talent

We have a team of highly skilled individuals with expertise in tech, finance, and client servicing. Our focus on attracting and retaining top talent has enabled us to provide our customers with exceptional support.

Risk Assessment

We use proprietary AI models to assess risk based on multiple data points, while our dedicated team ensures that our practices align with ethical standards.

Customer Focused

The needs of our customers drive our growth. Our user-friendly mobile app ensures customers have nothing short of a smooth and seamless experience.

Human Touch

Our greatest reward is being able to help more people. Our customer service team is available around the clock to assist with any concerns.

Advanced Tech

We created the most state-of-the-art lending technology to support our innovative financial products.


We prioritize financial literacy, informed customers, and secure personal & financial information through responsible lending practices and robust data protection measures.
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Analytics driven decision making

Every 32 seconds, our Al technology handles automatic credit requests, resulting in over 50,000 requests processed each month with
swift decision-making.



50 000

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Reviews from our customers

Mar 21
I got the financial help I needed
These kind people helped me when I needed some extra money! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a quick loan, especially in an emergency. I've used them often and they came through for me every time!
Oct 22
They are the best in this world, without a doubt
They are extremely superb when it comes to customer service. They understand your needs with full respect and confidentiality. I’ve used their services for more than 10 years and I’m an extremely happy customer!
Oct 22
They help you with any situation
I was stuck last month with various bills. With this company, I was able to apply and get a quick loan. Once I paid it off, my credit score actually went up! I was hesitant, but these people are real and offer pure, honest help!
Sep 22
True to their word
A lot of companies make promises that are too good to be true, but these folks are the real deal! I applied, got approved and received my loan incredibly fast. Thank you for helping me!
Feb 21
At first, I was terrified but desperate
I was feeling stressed because of my financial situation, but I was desperate and decided to try their services. Everything and everyone has been excellent and far beyond what I expected. Having recently endured bankruptcy, they helped me recover my credit with each loan that I repaid.
Dec 22
I love this company because it's simple
I love this company because it's simple and they prioritize the customer! You feel less stressed, and I always say how less stress equals good days for all!
Jan 23
Approved in minutes and acceptance is totally rewarding
I was approved and received a direct deposit with my funds within minutes! I will be referring this company to my friends and family members so they can experience the same easy process that I did. They offer great benefits too. Thank you!
Feb 23
No problems whatsoever
I had no issues at all. They’re very lenient and everything about using their services is easy and straightforward.
Jun 22
Honestly, I’ve never experienced a more friendly, efficient, and cost-effective way to borrow money in a pinch! The application process is simple and the response time is on point!
Jan 23
They are the best in this world, without a doubt
This company is like a family. A friend in need. They’re thoughtful, caring, and always helpful. I’ve never been disappointed with them. Very highly recommended. Thank you!
Jul 22
Best online loan app available that I have yet to find
My loan application was approved and the money was in my account in a matter of minutes. And since using their services, my credit rating has gone back up, which is very important to me.
Without question, this is the quickest and easiest place to get a loan! Thank you! You have no idea how much your service saves the day sometimes!

“Our passion for growth in the fintech industry has always been led by one thing - our continued empathy,
trust and respect for our customers”

Esther Ross
Co-founder, President and COO