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If the culture is right then everything else follows. Creating an environment where individuals and teams collaborate and push boundaries is the pillar of the culture at BrainFinance
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Work/Life balance

At BrainFinance, we strongly believe in work/life balance for our employees. We know that if you’re happy and healthy outside of work, you’ll be happier and productive when at work.
By providing a supportive environment and flexibility, we allow our employees to thrive both at work and at home period.

Perks & Benefits

We offer a variety of benefits, including competitive salaries, flexible hours, working remotely 4 days a week, generous vacation policies, and various perks to help our employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

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    Health & dental insurance

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    Virtual healthcare program

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    RSP with the contribution of 4%

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    Health & wellness program

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    Day off on your birthday

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    Commuter benefits

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    Team building, happy hour and activities

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    Office perks & entertainment space

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    Paid training subscription tools

The workplace

We are located in a trendy area of Pointe-Sainte Charles, with plenty of exciting and unique cafés, bars, shops and restaurants for employees to visit.
We have a spacious office, complete with a fully stocked kitchen and entertainment area for employees to enjoy on their breaks and after hours


Our spacious office is designed to boost productivity and inspire creativity. Our fully stocked kitchen and entertainment areas are perfect for taking a break and recharging during the day, or for unwinding after work

Embrace Progress with Passion

When progress is a passion, every opportunity is filled with the excitement of new possibilities. With flexibility and adaptability, we are able to continually evolve and improve, both individually and as a company.

Deliver Value Frequently to Our Customers

The whole is not always greater than the sum of its parts. Minor detailscan create a big impact. Projects should be divided into smaller deliverablesand every small accomplishment is another step in the right direction.

Play as a Team

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” It is bymoving together that we can make waves. And these waves have the power to shakeup change within our company, within our community, and within our entireindustry.

Lead With Empathy, Trust and Respect

Connect with empathy but lead with compassion. Empathy goes beyondputting yourself in someone else’s shoes, it means listening with an openheart. Choose words with care: words that support, words that construct, words thatinspire.

Aim for excellence and Create the WOW

It is by aiming high that boundaries are pushed, company objectives aresurpassed, and personal bests are beaten. It might not always be comfortable,but it is definitely always worth it! The “wow factor” doesn’t just happen, itis created and it’s what makes us unique.
Passion + Commitment
+ Engagement = Excellence.
And that is what we strive for.
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