Jordane Belanger

VP Engineering

Esther Ross is the Co-founder, President, and COO of BrainFinance. She is a visionary entrepreneur who co-founded BrainFinance in 2014 with the aim of offering modern, simplified, and accessible financial services to all Canadians. Esther and her Co-founder, Yannick Garand, identified a gap in the market, and together they developed innovative financial solutions that empower their clients to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Esther is a true leader who is driven by a strong sense of purpose. Her mission is to open up access to credit to more people and help the underserved who cannot access credit from traditional financial institutions. She has successfully achieved countless growth objectives by using her strengths in project planning, efficiency, empathy, and connection with others. Taking BrainFinance from a small start-up to a fast-growing fintech business has been a journey that has provided her with the knowledge and confidence to drive BrainFinance forward.

Esther's passion for her work is evident in the difference she is making in people's lives. Pioneering proprietary technology and powerful tools, enabling her team to provide financial assistance to a greater number of people while still managing and maintaining a safe level of risk. Esther's strengths in management, financial services continue to lead the company to new heights.